Driftpad 5.0
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Driftpad 5.0

  • $ 3495
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TYOTOYS reintroduces the Driftpad with the longest ever 4-foot setup. Includes 2 sections of orange launcher track.

Driftpad 5 requires the user to tune and adjust the track to create the perfect tail-out drifts with diecast cars. Not all cars will work the same. Many factors affect the behavior of the car, including: wheelbase, weight of car, starting velocity, center of gravity of the car, and the many adjustment points on the track. This product is best for advanced track builders and recommended for ages 8+.

Adjustment Points
The Driftpad is elevated approximately 2in by the 5 black adjustment bolts. These adjustment bolts control the overall pitch of the track. These bolts should be adjusted so that the car leaves the launcher flap and starts to enter the white area of the track after starting to drift. The white area of the track creates more friction than the darker areas of the track, allowing the car to straighten out as it enters the downhill portion of the track. The orange launcher track can also to be adjusted to achieve perfect drifting form. Once your Driftpad is dialed in, the fun begins.

Heavier cars tend to work best and carry a longer drift action, such as the Hot Wheels BMW M3 GT2 seen in the video above.

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