Driftpad 7 (2023 restock)
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Driftpad 7 (2023 restock)

  • $ 995
  • Save $ 2900

'Uncut sheet' option contains no hardware, it is the sheet only.

Driftpad version 7 represents the latest advancements in desktop drifting. Easily fitting on any desk in a 16" x 14" size at 2" tall, Driftpad 7 is made out of lightweight corrugated plastic with a special low-friction printed surface. All Driftpads are individually hand cut and assembled by product designer Phil Foss.

Final product design may vary slightly from photographs and videos shown on this page (some may show prototype versions.)

Driftpad 7 requires the user to tune and adjust the track to create the perfect tail-out drifts with diecast cars. Not all cars will work the same and some cars may not work at all. Many factors affect the behavior of the car, including: wheelbase, weight of car, starting velocity of the car, center of gravity of the car, age of the car including axle and wheel quality, as well as the adjustment points on the track. The launch flap, launch track, and levels of the track platform can be adjusted to maximize drift action. The downramp is also adjustable and can be connected to Hot Wheels orange track with basic customization. This product is best for advanced track builders and recommended for ages 8+. Driftpad 7 ships with beginning launch track. Basic assembly is required. See assembly video.

New in Driftpad version 7 fully cut:

  • Track adjustment rods let you adjust contours of the track
  • Adjustable downramp contours allows for orange track integration

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